It's been a good run.

Exabase will begin the process of shuttering operations effective immediately, with the following systems being retired by October 1st, 2017

The following services will be migrated to Exabase's successor. Migration will be fully completed by October 1st, 2017

Please check back on this page, as migration details will be made available closer to the shutter date.

When I started Exabase in 2012, I was in a Library at my local community college. I didn't expect it to be as a part of my life as it has been.

We've been open for about 5 years, and through that time we've created countless things, served many communities, and done some pretty cool stuff.

And while this name and this orgnaization are coming to a close, the journey is far from over.

I want to thank the countless friends I've met, the people who have supported this fun little adventure, and most importantly I want to thank my team both retired and current for the passion they've put in to making this small little corner of the internet great.

Exabase may be at the end, but the people who were a part of it are just getting started.

Best wishes, Matthew "resba" Sowden