Phoenix @ Exabase & Structure Change Posted: 2015/12/23 19:10:00

Exabase has long been about Services. We have been, for three years, providing services and consultation to users who have come up and asked for the assistance. In many cases we would be providing our own money and resources to help see our customer's ventures through. For the first two years we were rather successful for being such a small organization.

Then, we began to downsize. Over the last year Exabase has been working on projects privately while keeping our general services (I.e. Teamspeak, IRC, etc) operational for a subset of users.

As of now, we have approximately four volunteer staff members including myself.

Exabase and it's goals have become estranged to our own goals in an organization, and as such we have decided that a retooling of our general structure and face as an organization is in order. As of today, we will be ceasing all offers of service hosting and management and instead will be focused on contract work and consultation.

Exabase will continue to be run by myself and Snowfire-Music as the lead parties, all others have either left or have been reassigned to moderation.

On the public services front, all current staff and configuration will remain the same; save face for the Teamspeak server, which will be moved to another server at a later date.

This leads into the new server, Phoenix, which joins Acrux in the Exabase Server Matrix. Hydra, unfortunatly, has lost along with most of the data on the server due to a drive issue. Phoenix will be hosting our new IRC server (accessible by,, and as well as TeamSpeak 3 Servers and other servers to be announced shortly. Phoenix is also a new test in modular server administration using Docker.

We look forward to serving you with Phoenix. Acrux will continue to serve as it always has, but we are very excited about the new addition.

We also would like to announce the new hub for all Exabase Public Services, which will be the place for users to gain knowledge of our currently run public services, their methods of connection, rules, and so on. The hub should be fully operational later this week, check back here for the location later.

Again, thank you all for your continued support of Exabase. Without our friends and users we wouldn't be in the position we are in today.

All the best,