Exabase Redesign and Structure Shuffle Posted: 2016/09/07 16:00

We're taking a large jump now that everything is stabilizing. Since Exabase's inception, it's always been my goal to offer public services. It's been in my DNA ever since I opened my first Minecraft community, and stuck with me through hosting servers for friends and friends of friends alike. That being said, I think a good spring cleaning is in order, and to do that we've taken some pretty big steps.

Here's whats going on:

  • We have gutted our internal organization down to the first two members, Myself and Sora, who began this organization.
  • We will be personally inviting people to join the Organization and have opened a recruitment drive for others who wish to join us.
  • We've decided on re-imaging and updating our typographical logo, as a show of freshness.
  • We've begun heavy work on completing the monitoring systems as well as working on platforms to host new ventures down the line.

All this to say that we'll soon be kicking up dust in hosting our servers, so please pardon the mess! If you would like to get involved, speak to myself or Sora or visit our Recruiting Page!